RASL #4Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, announced today that RASL #4 comes out April 22nd at your FLCS.  Jeff Smith…man, what do I say about the guy?  He never ceases to amaze he, but he’s as frustrating as he is awesome.  See, RASL, for those not in the know, is about an art thief who’s figured out a way to travel to alternate dimensions (he’s a scientist too – not just a smart art thief), where he steals famous pieces of art, bringing them back to his home dimension to sell for a pretty penny.  Instead of getting a print of Starry Night, he can get you the original.  There’s just one problem….

…apparently, someone else has figured out how to jump from dimension to dimension, with the express intent on making Rasl’s life a living hell.  Or, you know, killing him.

It’s hard to believe that Rasl, a gritty tale told using actual “science fiction” (not futuristic fantasy), comes from the same mind that brought about what I consider to be one of the best all ages fantasy tales of our time (eat that Harry Potter!).  See, Rasl has a hard time travelling through the “drift” between worlds.  He has to go into a completely Zen-like state because the journey is so mind boggingly intense, it messes him up real good.  His “detox” period includes hookers, strippers, and lots and lots of alcohol.  Kinda like my Tuesday night.  Except that I can’t travel to alternate dimensions (or can I?).

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So why is Jeff Smith so frustrating?  Why is he like a ninja?  Well, because he releases a book of such awesomeness that you can’t help but wait with anticipation for the next issue and then, just when you think it’s going to come out, you realize that it’s been two months since this “bi-monthly” book came out…then another two months pass…then another month…till you’re just about ready to think that Jeff Smith has vanished off of the face of the Earth.  Then, BAM!  Like a ninja he jumps out from the rafters above and papercuts you to death with awesome artwork from RASL #4, then drop kicks you with the news that it’s coming out next week.  I know, it’s a stupid analogy.  But I’m psyched. Especially when I see art like this:

Rasl #4, page 1

Click the picture above to go to Jeff Smith’s official site, where he’s got the first couple of pages of issue #4 for your viewing pleasure!

If you haven’t read RASL #1-3, pick up a copy of the brilliantly awesome RASL trade paperback, collecting the first three issues of the series, including new pages not found in the floppies!  You can do it using the link below (for only $10!!!!), or from your local Barnes and Noble!