Green Lantern
Should Brian Austin Green play Hal Jordan?

So, according to a recent interview at Comic Book Resources, Brian Austin Green is a huge fan of Green Lantern and is basically pitching to the fans the idea of playing Hal in the big screen adaptation to be directed by Casino Royale‘s Martin Campbell.

Now, I’m not a fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which Green has been starring in for the last couple of years, so I’m not really familiar with his output past, say, the second season of Beverly Hills 90210 (the old one).  Do I think he could work for the role?  Based on the little I have seen, I think it could potentially work.  He’s got the right look for Hal and, though I can’t speak to his charisma, I’m pretty sure that he’s probably got the chops for it if he can play Derek Reese, little brother of Kyle (played by Michael Biehn in T1 and deleted scenes from T2).  My brother seems to think he’s pretty decent on the Terminator show, and Matt’s pretty picky, so I’ll buy it.  I support Brian Austin Green in his attempts, even if I’m sure Warner Bros will most assuredly go with someone younger.

My only concern with Brian Austin Green is his insistence that he’s a huge fan of the character.  Then he goes on to describe Hal Jordan as “conflicted” with a dark past, almost an anti-hero, which is more certainly not the Hal I know.  The Hal I know knows right from wrong, and, though he may have been possessed by the evil Parallax, is most certainly not conflicted with anti-hero-like emotions.  And then Green goes on to admit not having read any of Geoff John’s definite run on the title.  In fact, his familiarity with this character seems wholly based on old JLA comics (or the cartoon, it’s never explicitly stated) and the MK vs. DC game.  In fact, if anything, it seems like Megan Fox (his ex-girlfriend who he’s producing a movie with based on Michael Turner’s Fathom) is more of a comic fan than he is.

I don’t mind that the actors who get roles playing comic characters may not, in fact, be comic fans.  I don’t need Green to recite to me the Green Lantern oath by heart (I know it), or to name 20 Green Lantern Corps off the top of his head (I can).  But I just don’t like it when people say they’re huge fans of a character, yet aren’t.  That’s not how you endear yourself to fans – be honest, or do your research like Vinnie Chase did before he did his interview about Aquaman.

I wouldn’t call this an epic fail on Green’s part, because the guy does mean well and it seems like he and Megan Fox will succeed in finally getting the Fathom made (even though it sounds like it’s directed by the guy who did Meet the Spartans), so I will wish him luck in his  attempts and put my stamp of approval.  Is he better than main contender Chris Pine?  That remains to be seen until Star Trek comes out.  But are either one of them as BORN for the role as Transformers’ Josh Duhamel?  I think not.

Josh Duhamel = Hal Jordan