Blackest Night #1I LOVE convention season.  I check all the sites (and hopefully, you guys will be checking out ours this year) for all the latest news that comes out of the panels.  My favorite news items are usually the DC ones.  Mostly because I’m a fanboy, but also because DC always seems to have SOMETHING going on.  I mean, the same can be said of all comic companies, but something exciting always seems to be going down at DC, and I feel like I’m going through withdrawals when convention season is over.

DC found something to feed my need though.  It’s called “The Source,” and it’s their official blog, where, like 3 or 4 times a day, they manage to blow my mind with amazing preview art, or some type of freaky cool news that I’ve never read anywhere before.  Yesterday, they posted preview art from two of the new Batman series, the cover to Flash: Rebirth #4,  and art from Vigilante #5.  They’ve also, since they started, posted some awesome art from James Robinson’s new Justice League comic, and plenty of sweet @$$ Blackest Night stuff, like the cover you see to your right.

Check out “The Source” here!

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