SerpentorSometimes, words fail me.  When I see something so awesome that I cannot think of the best way to describe it, my mouth opens, yet no sound escapes.  And then, I cry a little bit at the beauty.

A Serpentor Mighty Mugg is exactly that kind of beauty.

As is a Destro Mighty Mugg. Which you can see a pic of, along with that bi-otch the Baronness, after the jump, thanks to Mighty Muggs Lounge.

Apparently Destro and the Baronness (and hopefully Serpentor) are in Wave 2 of the G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs set that I became addicted to.  Hopefully it’ll come out before the movie.  I’d really like to have a little Destro on my desk, and having a movie out in theaters about him will help prevent everybody asking me who he is.  Though someone did call my Hulk Mighty Mugg “Bigfoot” the other day.  Ugh.



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