FEARnetHey everybody!

Just wanted to give you guys an update to my post about Time Warner dropping FEARnet, I actually heard from Matt at 360i, who sent me some very valuable information for anyone interested in Keeping Fear Alive!!!!

I know you already posted about FEARnet being dropped by Time Warner and Brighthouse Cable, so thank you for your efforts to help get the on-demand channel back on these cable systems (and glad to see you are a huge fan). In order to create one main destination for fans to unite and demonstrate their anger about losing FEARnet, I thought you and your readers might be interested to know that a Facebook petition has been created.

Check out the following link to join the petition:

Let’s make this Facebook group huge to show how much Time Warner and Brighthouse Cable subscribers want FEARnet returned to their lineup!

I’ve already joined the group, even though Cox Cable hasn’t dropped FEARnet.  Remember, even if you don’t get FEARnet, or you still do, or even if you’re not interested, this isn’t just about FEARnet, but the success of this station can open doors to many other genre-based ON-DEMAND stations.  Remember, FEARnet is an on-demand station showing FREE, UNCUT horror flicks, many of which aren’t available anywhere else!  If your cable provider has FEARnet, then check it out!  If they don’t, give them a call and demand your FEARnet!