Check into the FEAR CLINIC with Freddy and Jason!

Well, the guys who used to be Freddy and Jason.  As excited as I am for FearNet’s upcoming FEAR CLINIC web series with Robert Englund and Kane Hodder, can’t help but think I would be pretty excited seeing Jackie Earle Haley and Derek Mears starring together in something. Anywho, back to what’s actually happening.  Those […]

FearNet Update!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to give you guys an update to my post about Time Warner dropping FEARnet, I actually heard from Matt at 360i, who sent me some very valuable information for anyone interested in Keeping Fear Alive!!!! I know you already posted about FEARnet being dropped by Time Warner and Brighthouse Cable, so […]

Let's Save FearNet!

Hey guys, I’m on Cox Cable so this, thankfully, doesn’t hurt me.  But FearNet released some distressing news today. Time Warner and Bright House have dropped FEARnet from your cable line-up.  They have eliminated your on-demand access to horror, thriller and suspense movies 24/7.  If you want to once again see FEARnet on your cable […]