Army of FrankensteinWell, I know technically last week was Nazi Zombie week here at IoM, but Arrow in the Head updated today with some more information about the upcoming awesomeness known as Army of Frankenstein, straight from the mouth of director Richard Raaphorst!

“The market for zombie movies is saturated and no distributor is buying them anymore: chances for financing WCS became very small. Also there are two other nazi-zombie flicks out there and as a result of that ours would look like a rip-off… When it became clear last year that WCS was as good as dead I came up with the idea of a WSC-prequel with al really low-budget of half a million Euro. That project almost came to fruitaton, but I can’t use the name Worst Case Scenario due to some rights-issues. The only way to get it on track was a different story and new title: Army of Frankenstein. This is still a working title but I think it covers the story nicely. The visual style will be the same as I will direct AoF! WCS can stay what is is, two kick-ass trailers and a great and promising story that never saw the light of day. Mabye someday we’ll dig it up, but than the Army of Frankstein will e roaming the Earth! This time we don’t want to rush things, we’re talking with a producer and are still writing the script with Miguel Tejada Flores.”

Army of FrankensteinI’m sure it’ll be at least another year before we see Army of Frankenstein, but let’s hope that the director keeps us fed with info and concept art goodies!  Hell, I’ll help fund this thing.  How many special effects can $20 get me?