Barbies & Zombies!

I think zombies should be a prerequisite for all music videos. Richard Raaphorst, friend of IoM and ultra talented writer/director of the upcoming Army of Frankenstein, just let us know that his newest project, a music video for the band Elle Bandita called “Barbies & Zombies,” is now available on his official site!  We spoke […]

More Army of Frankenstein Goodness!

Well, I know technically last week was Nazi Zombie week here at IoM, but Arrow in the Head updated today with some more information about the upcoming awesomeness known as Army of Frankenstein, straight from the mouth of director Richard Raaphorst! “The market for zombie movies is saturated and no distributor is buying them anymore: […]

It's Nazi Week here at IoM…

Has this ever happened to you?  Last week, my wife and I met some friends for a nice meal at California Pizza Kitchen, followed by a showing of Adventureland (despite what the reviews say, probably not worth your time).  Anyway, so we’re hanging out on the deck at CPK, because I’m on a nickname basis […]