So…I bought all the Harry Potter flicks on HD-DVD.  And we all know what happened to HD-DVD.

Then Warner Bros made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Check out Red2Blu as soon as possible if your HD-DVDs are sitting on your shelf catching dust, and you’re afraid to watch them because you want your Xbox Hd-DVD player to last as long as possible.

How does it work?  Easy!  Go to the site, select the flicks you want to trade in, mail the cover art (not even the actual movie!), and for $5 bucks a piece they’ll send you a brand new Blu-Ray edition!  Totally worth it!  Of course, you have to pay $7 for Shipping and handling too, so it’s probably not worth it if you’re only doing one flick, but if you’re doing a bunch, I think this is a great way to switch to Blu!