Twilight: Eclipse
Twilight: Eclipse

So, proving that Hollywood will stop at nothing to waste good talent, it was confirmed yesterday that David Slade, director of the excellent Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night, will be directing the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.

I’m not saying that Twilight can’t be a visually interesting movie series, or that a director like David Slade won’t be able to come in and elevate the movie to something even better than we expect, but I still find this to be kind of an odd fit.  The first Twilight movie, which I actually kind of liked, is by no means a visually arresting film (despite it’s attempts).  In fact, I’d say, visually, it’s pretty weak.  The second one, New Moon, is currently filming under the eye of Chris Weitz, who’s directed American Pie and About a Boy, so he’s actually a talented guy.  While The Golden Compass was kind of pretty, the film did kind of stink.

But the world of Twilight, at least what I’ve seen so far, doesn’t lend itself to the unique talents of the man who did that amazing overhead shot of Barrow, Alaska, as vampires descend upon the town, ripping its denizens to shreds.  Even Hard Candy, which was pretty much located in the entirety of one location, was visually interesting.  I guess if anyone can make the Twilight series look good, it’s Slade.  I just would have preferred to see him on something else – a scifi flick, a superhero flick, or even the new Nightmare on Elm Street.  Now that would have been news!

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