The Preadtor comes back NEXT YEAR!
The Preadtor comes back NEXT YEAR!

So it’s been officially announced that July 7, 2010, we’ll be seeing Predators, Robert Rodriguez’s “reboot” of the Predator franchise.  There’s been so many scripts for a third Predator film that didn’t get made, that I’m wondering if they’re going with Robert’s original script (which involved Predators and Spanish Conquistadors), or something entirely new.  I kind of doubt, despite the use of the word “reboot,” that this will contradict the original Schwarzenegger film.  And it obviously won’t be using the script where Dutch and Danny Glover’s character from Predator 2 were taken to the Predator homeworld to battle Predators in an arena.  Dang…wish we had seen that one.

All I know it…I’m happy to see Predator coming back, and under the watchful eye of someone as awesome as Robert Rodriguez.  What say you?

4 thoughts on “Robert Rodriguez's Predators!

  1. I think “reboot” just means “We can’t come up with a script that isn’t total shit while still acknowledging everything that’s come before, so we’re just going to ignore everything that’s been done and make a story we think can continue the franchise.

  2. I just hope it doesn’t have any Aliens in it. So tired of the AvP stuff. Predators is can haff own continuity plz?

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