Paul's Horror Flix: The Horror To Come!

So a very special edition of Paul’s Horror Flix today!  Since I’m out of town (more on that on this week’s Funnybooks) this week, I’ve been unable to enjoy my typical horror movie goodness.  I know – ghastly!  But, alas, hotel wi-fi has afforded me the opportunity enough to cruise the net, spying on the […]

Predators ditch Aliens, pick up Dutch

Recently hitting a brisk jog, but technically not a full sprint yet, is the Predators project overseen by Robert Rodriguez.  This recent article presented the notion that writer/director/cook/special effect aficionado Robert Rodriguez will be involved in some capacity in resurrecting the Predator franchise. While it seems to be reported quite frequently that this new incarnation […]

Robert Rodriguez's Predators!

So it’s been officially announced that July 7, 2010, we’ll be seeing Predators, Robert Rodriguez’s “reboot” of the Predator franchise.  There’s been so many scripts for a third Predator film that didn’t get made, that I’m wondering if they’re going with Robert’s original script (which involved Predators and Spanish Conquistadors), or something entirely new.  I […]