WolverineYeah, we heard about Wolverine.

But no, we’re probably not going to review it yet.

Not that this is an integrity thing.  Lord know I don’t have any of that!  But it’s supposedly different from the final film, not incorporating much of the stuff from January’s reshoots.  Remember that Halloween workprint that leaked before the film came out?  Everyone was reviewing a film like they had seen it early, but then the film came out and they had to admit to reviewing a bootleg version.  Ooops.  Might be fun to do a comparison after the film is released, but reviewing it now would be kind of pointless if much has changed. 

It’s Wolverine and it’s Hugh Jackman and, even though I REALLY hope they don’t make that stupid Magneto film, I’ll support it so that the X-Men franchise keeps going.

See you May 1st.