From the Anita Blake comic book, by Marvel Comics
Art from the Anita Blake comic book, from Marvel Comics

Source: Reuters

I think, if she could, my wife would trade me in for Anita Blake.  And she’d have good reason.  I’m a blogger and in healthcare.  Anita Blake is a vampire hunter/police consultant who helps solve supernatural crimes.  Apparently, in addition, she has A LOT of sex.  I skipped to one of the sex scenes in the book to see what the hoopla was all about and, I’m no prude, but zoinks!  All I’ll say is…werewolf + vampire + Anita = good times for 3!

Anyway, those awesome dudes at IFC (they’re REALLY into the horror lately) have annouced that they are teaming with Lionsgate and are producing an Anita Blake TV Movie.  Apparently the man behind the adaptation is Glen Morgan, he of The X-Files and Final Destination.  Oddly, the article at Reuters states that IFC is planning on appealing to 18-34 year old men.  I didn’t realize that Laurell K. Hamilton’s series of Blake novels was read by men AT ALL.  Even my mom reads them…and that’s just kind of creepy.