dar_covAnd then it happened; the whole world heard the howl of Garm, and the moon was eclipsed in blood. The head of Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, 350 miles across, breached the surface of the Arabian Sea and rose up into the troposphere…

Life is good for the Savage Worlds gamer.  There’s some truly amazing support out there in the form of Shaintar, those wonderful toolkits, and the brand new Necessary Evil: Explorer’s Edition.  Plus, tons of other great books and PDFs!

Recently, I read about the new setting book coming from Kenneth Hite.   You know Ken.  He’s the same fella who gave Cthulhu to your kids in the pages of Where the Deep Ones Are. According to Hite, his new book could be described as “Conan The Barbarian: 1948.”

Except, y’know, legally he can’t do that.  Stupid copyright and trademark laws. 

In a recent interview at Atomic Overmind Press, where they’re busy being awesome, Hite had this to say:

In this setting, I’ve tried to capture as much of the Howardian feel as I possibly could, complete with giant snakes, flying ape-monsters, and a “Savage Short-List” of “The Top Five Places To Get Mercenary Work.” But in order for “the Barbarian” to be a viable character nickname, you have to wreck civilization pretty thoroughly. Hence, dropping the Midgard Serpent on the Northern Hemisphere, and knocking the Midwest down to the city-state level, and flooding the Eastern seaboard in post-apocalyptic fashion.

Day After Ragnarok will support four campaign types:

  1. “Wolves Beyond the Border,” which is your outlaws, barbarians, freelance trouble-maker sort of game;
  2. “Servants of the Crown,” which is your “mission-oriented” go there-shoot that sort of game;
  3. “Phoenix and the Sword,” which is your “rebuilding from disaster” story; and
  4. “City of the Emerald Night,” which is your location-focused “urban adventuring” sort of campaign.

Hite promises all sorts of post-apocalyptic, over-the-top goodness such as Stalin, war-apes, Britsish Secret Intelligence, and – oh yes – war-apes!

This setting book sounds awesome.  It’ll be available via PDF later this spring.

There’s a GREAT conversation with Mr. Hite about Day After Ragnarok over on 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction.  Check it out.

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