Those awesome dudes at ShockTillYouDrop have dropped us with another reason to start saving our nickels and dimes!

Click to enlarge!

You know you want it!  And to make it even more worth your time, check out the bonus features!

  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
  • Commentary by Director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell
  • 9 Deleted Scenes
  • Extended Ending
  • Vintage Featurette
  • Music Video
  • Richard Edlund Interview
  • Trailer A & B
  • 6 TV Spots
  • Behind the Scenes Gallery

Hell to the yes!  Big Trouble in Little China comes out August 4th on Blu-Ray!  Time to buy a Ps3!

One thought on “Bigger Trouble in Little China!

  1. Cool,but screw getting a piece of crap PS3,you can now get a decent stand alone Blu Ray for near $200 at some places.That’ll save ya some dough,plus you’ll never play the damn thing (the PS 3).The PS3 is the biggest thing to bomb in Japan since the A Bomb in 45!!!

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