Chuck and the hot chick are coming back for 13 more episodes!
Chuck and the hot chick are coming back for 13 more episodes!

YES!!!!!!!!  I’ll let this article, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter, speak for itself.

In the battle of Chuck vs. the Network Suits, the Buy More geek has prevailed.

NBC has decided to give Josh Schwartz’s well-liked action-comedy another shot next fall.

The network picked up 13 episodes of the series from Warner Bros., which, in a business-side trend this year, made some budget concessions to secure the show a third season.

Fans pushed NBC very hard for a pickup, launching a “Save Chuck” campaign that included buying sandwiches at series sponsor Subway.

I’m bummed that it’s only 13 episodes, but I think they’re going to go into this knowing it’s the last season, so I think we’ll actually get an ending to this show instead of another cliffhanger! More Chuck!

5 thoughts on “Chuck Me!!!!

  1. Damn your 13 episodes, NBC. I demand 22! Or even 24! I will give up 13 episodes of Dollhouse if I can have 26 episodes of Chuck.

    1. Wait…she has a name? I thought they just called her “hot chick.” Ha…kidding, of course I know Sarah Walker’s name! Well, not her real name. No one knows that.

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