terminator-the-sarah-connor-chroniclesSo, we got our beloved Chuck back, and Dollhouse and Castle have both been renewed…something had to not work out, didn’t it?  Things were looking too good.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been officially canceled, per Michael Ausiello.

Sorry to start off Terminator week on a bad note folks, but while the big screen version of Terminator is currently flourishing, the small screen has run full steam ahead into a brick wall.  Fans will never know what storylines were soon to be uncovered as of the  finale.  Check the links above and below for the full story.  Light a few candles in honor.

While the show ended on a cliffhanger that I’m sure the new movie will contradict, I’m sure there will be plenty of fan backlash and all sorts of petitions.  Though this is the last we’ll see of the series, I wouldn’t put it behind us completely.  There may be a TV movie, or a mention in a future Terminator movie, just to make sure all the continuity flows eventually.

Looks like something else will be paired with Dollhouse this fall.

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2 thoughts on “Officially Terminated

  1. If they have any sense, they’ll move Dollhouse to a different night (pair it with Fringe or Bones?) and start fresh on Fridays.

    As for contradicting the show, Scott Dunphy has purported a rumor that the show’s story was complete because it was meant to lead into the movie. Won’t know until the movie is released, but the “what year is it?” quote from the trailer adds fuel to that fire.


    There are a large amount of contradictions between Sarah Connor Chronicles and the upcoming Terminator Salvation. Kyle Reese meets John Connor at the age of 16 in Terminator Salvation (during the year 2018). John Connor himself is around 35 years old during this time. In TSCC, a 16/17 year old John travels to meet an adult Kyle in 2029 (though the year may be a bit off give or take).

    In regards to Terminator Salvation:
    The movie references Kate and John hiding from Judgement Day underground for a few years, and Marcus undergoes his “treatment” prior to Judgement Day as well. Originally in the script it was specifically stated 2004, but that has been removed to be more general.

    The show’s cliffhanger was meant to be just that, according to TSCC’s series creator Josh Friedman, and not really an ending per se (though it certainly fits well enough).

    According to Summer Glau, she has spoken to producers of the film franchise about a possible brief cameo in T5. However, I would see this as more fan service then an actual story connection.

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