Monsters vs. Aliens are returning to assault your intelligence!
Monsters vs. Aliens are returning to assault your intelligence!

As if putting us through two hours of crappiness wasn’t enough, now, thanks to Nickelodeon, they’re making a Monsters vs. Aliens TV show.

Nickelodeon has ordered a pilot from DreamWorks Animation for a series based on the firm’s recent “Monsters vs. Aliens” movie, DWA CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said Tuesday.

DWA and Nick last week announced a deal on the co-production of “Kung Fu Panda: The Series” based on last year’s DWA hit. The two also collaborate on the successful “The Penguins of Madagascar,” for which, Katzenberg said Tuesday, the partners will launch an aggressive licensing campaign early next year. He said that TV hits make for some of the best licensing opportunities in the industry these days because they aren’t event-driven like movies.

For 2010, DWA had previously already announced “Kung Fu Panda” and “Shrek” TV specials. On Tuesday, Katzenberg confirmed that they were both for NBC. What now has the title “Scared Shrekless” will be a Halloween special, followed by a “Kung Fu Panda” holiday special.

I enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda movie, but the last Shrek tv special was so bad that it actually hurt my feelings.  Not sure we really need a Kung Fu Panda tv show, but that’s the idea I’m most behind.  Monsters vs. Aliens?  Really?  I wouldn’t expect any of the main actors of the movie (Renee Zellwegger, Hugh Laurie, Seth Rogen) to return for the show.

2 thoughts on “More Monsters vs. Aliens! Yay?

  1. I never got around to seeing Aliens vs Monsters but I put it in my Netflix queue. So when you say it wasn’t good, is that a “Paul rates Wolverine and Angels & Demons an 8 on the awesomeness scale” or is there a sub-scale that has a more specific reason why the movie wasn’t good? Don’t want to waste the rental on a stinker.

    1. Hmmm…hard to say. I don’t know anyone who actually liked the film. I’ll give a film a higher rating if it interested me and wasn’t boring, thus the Wolverine and Angels and Demons. But Monsters vs. Aliens was just kind of boring. It might be worth the rental, but you probably did a good thing not seeing it in theaters.

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