Because the thing television needs is another remake, instead of another season of Reaper, or the return of Freaklinks (heh), there’s not a remake of V, that show where aliens came to earth and took humans and someone tore one of their faces and it had lizard stuff underneath and someone ate a rat or something…you’ll have to forgive me – it was 26 years ago.  Anyway, some footage of the new, very Battlestar Galactica-looking V is now online.  Take a look.  It’s got the girl from Serenity that we all thought was hot, but is now apparently not.  Must be the lizard skin.

4 thoughts on “Remake alert! New V. As in V for Victory. Not V for Vendetta. The one with the lizard face people. Remember that one? It had Freddy Krueger in it. And Beastmaster.

    1. Are you sure? I thought the resistance sprayed “V” all over things for “victory.” You’re probably right though – it’s been way too long since I’ve seen the show.

  1. He’s write about the symbol and the scene, but the show’s title was V for Visitors not for Victory. That emergence of a new meaning is part of the story itself.

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