After "Mice with Weapons Week," "Free Comic Book Day Week," and "Star Trek Week," prepare yourselves for...NO UNIFYING THEME WEEK!Aron and I decided that, after Mice with Weapons Week, Free Comic Book Day Week, and Star Trek Week, that it was about time to have No Unifying Theme Week! We’re getting back to normal here at IoM, bringing you the latest reviews, news, and thoughts on all the things worth geeking about – comics, movies, gaming (both video and role playing), and just about anything else!  Heck, this past weekend, we even posted a story about Crystal Head Vodka!

We’ve got our AFTERMATH! banners along the right side of the page so you can catch up on the previous themed weeks’ stories, and to have a central location for any stories that may tie into the theme, but that we didn’t get to during the theme week.  Here’s some great stuff you may have missed out on:

  • Our contest to win ONE HUNDRED COMICS!  Ends this Wednesday, May 13th!
  • Interviews with Dave Petersen, creator of Mouse Guard, and Jake Parker, creator of Missile Mouse!
  • Aron’s theories on role playing with animals!
  • Our review of Jellaby: Monster in the City!
  • Local Heroes Comics – the best store in Hampton Roads, Virginia!
  • Free Comic Book Day at Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas!
  • Our reviews of the new Star Trek – (Aron and Paul)
  • Our review of the Star Trek scores, both past and present!

And those are just a sampling of the stories waiting for you when you click the links along the right side of the page!  We’ve got even more exciting stuff coming up here at IoM, so keep checking back!