podcast_ctap_smallI listen to a lot of podcasts.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I am particularly interested in role playing game podcasts such as The Podge Cast and The Game’s the Thing.  Both are extraordinary, delivering the awesome on a regular basis.

I have a standing date on Monday morning’s with the Podge Cast, listening to the first half on the way to work and the second half on the way home. Monday’s usually suck at the office but at least I know the Podge will get me there and see me safely home.

Last year I ranked the Podge Cast as the best  podcast out there.  It still is.

But there are many other wonderful podcasts out there to load onto your iPod.

The Game’s the Thing is a podcast which often features professionals in the RPG industry as guests.  Folks like Sean Patrick Fannon (author Shaintar, marketing dude for Drive Thru RPG & RPG Now), Clint Black (Pinnacle Entertainment), Ken Hite (Day After Ragnarok), and many others.  The show, hosted by Ron and Veronica Blessing, provides a wealth of information about new games just hitting the shelves.  Always entertaining.

bearsThe Bear Swarm celebrated it’s first full year of podcasting in last week’s episode 55. Despite the fact that Bear Swarm’ host  Rob called me a dick in a recent show (I know it was meant lovingly), Bear Swarm is another show with which I have a standing date.  It’s my Monday night yardwork, Tuesday morning drive show.    Moreso than the Podge Cast, it is a show where a handful of guys get together and jaw about whatever’s on their minds.

They have a terrific world building series set in a dystopian future that is awfully interesting.

Kicked in the Dicebags is a relatively new podcast.  The seventh episode dropped last week.  I came to KitD through Joe from the Podge Cast.  Joe guest hosted in episode 5.  It wasn’t until I listened that I realized that I know one of the hosts, Chris Mais.  He has been a player in my zombie games at both the first Fear the Con and Fear the Con 2.

I’ve listened to most of their episodes and will have a complete review soon.  In the interim, please note that the podcast is extraordinarily explicit in its use of colorful language.

This isn’t RPG related, but don’t hold that against John Hummel who Blogs the Religions. John is a former Mormon and current atheist.  He is spending 52 weeks visiting different faiths and denominations interviewing their pastors, rabbis, priests, etc., sharing those interviews and his observations in a refreshing, non-judgemental style.   Some times you wonder what other folks believe.  This podcast goes to great lengths to bring those beliefs to the listener absent spin.  Love this show.

Hosted by the Pimp of the Internet himself, Tony Mast, Back Seat Producers celebrated its 100th episode just a week or two ago.  A round table movie review podcast, BSP regularly records live via Ustream.   The 100th episode hasn’t dropped yet.  In fact, BSP has such a deep backlog of shows recorded that currently they have released only through episode 92.

Since I have an interview coming up with Mr. Mast, I won’t say too much other than that show is regularly awesome.  Make a date, ’cause it’s always better in the back (seat, that is).

As you can see, there’s all kinds of great things to listen to… what’s in your podcatcher?

8 thoughts on “Your Morning Head: The Podcasts I'm listening to, what you should be listening to…

  1. Kicked in the Dicebags is definitely raw but is extemely entertaining. Once they get a few kinks worked out it should bs spectacular. I would say it’s Dave Attell level explicit.x

  2. Aron, since I know you’re a comic fan as well I’d recommend Sidebar.


    Dwight and Swain have a great insight into comics and have a tremendous talent for getting guests. It’s a bit more of a water cooler, industry insider conversation sometimes, but I find as far as interviews of creators go it’s one of the best comic podcasts I’ve ever heard. Not to bash any of the others, but a lot of podcasts tend to stick with what’s on the stands his week and review that. These guys tend to go for a retrospective look at the creators careers as a whole, including working methods, trials and victories and soforth.

    Also, thanks for pointing me to the blogs the religions one. I’ll be giving that one a looksee.

  3. Jim, that’s why I generally wait several eps before I write a review. You gotta let podcasters get into their groove before you evaluate.

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