Recently hitting a brisk jog, but technically not a full sprint yet, is the Predators project overseen by Robert Rodriguez.  This recent article presented the notion that writer/director/cook/special effect aficionado Robert Rodriguez will be involved in some capacity in resurrecting the Predator franchise.

While it seems to be reported quite frequently that this new incarnation will be a reboot, at this point it seems to be just another entry into the current Predator franchise.  Back in 1996, Robert Rodriguez was paid to write a fun writing assignment for the studio and churned out something as exciting as his Spy Kids triple threat.  20th Century Fox have just dusted off the script, which is reviewed at length here,  and has trusted Rodriguez and Trouble Maker Studios to once again take a crack at Predators.

In a nutshell, the script focused on a number of humans who are taken captive and brought to the Predator homeworld.  The group must fend off against other prisoners, some of other species, in a gladiatorial event on the planet.  Though the original script had Dutch in the lead role (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), yet the setting seemed like it was in the future, it is expected to be changed altogether.  But all is not lost, Moviehole has indicated that Arnold himself may have a small cameo as a prisoner in the camp or the father of the lead character.  Will this be the Predator film we have been hoping for?  Or will Aliens and Predators hang out in front of a Papa Johns Pizza, or at your neighborhood high school?  Time will tell.

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