Milla Jovovich will be back for the fourth film in the Resident Evil film franchise.
Milla Jovovich will be back for the fourth film in the Resident Evil film franchise.

So we’ve got some interesting news on the new Resident Evil flick.  Apparently, the movie will focus on three main characters: Alice, Albert Wesker, and Chris Redfield.  Little is known about the plot, however, the action will shift between two settings: Japan and Alaska.

A development executive that works in the production sales department assures me that production on Resident Evil 4 is going as scheduled. Greg Stechman states that:

“We’ve been in preparation on the film for the past few months and we will be meeting our release date of August-October of 2010.

I haven’t been handed a firm shooting schedule yet, but a LOT of things go on behind the scenes BEFORE the schedule is set in stone, such as:

  • final draft script prep
  • costume tests
  • make up tests
  • FX tests
  • location tests
    *all of these actually involve filming BTW casting and rehearsal tests storyboard finalization, etc

“Paul puts a lot of effort on the front end to the Resident Evil series and he always spends the shooting days on set, even though he is not directing the film, so this will MOST LIKELY (again, because nothing in Hollywood is certain) film sometime between Spy Hunter and Castlevania, which are shooting year’s end.

“Oh, and weather also plays a lot of consideration into the series now that we are shooting more and more exterior locations (unlike part 1, which was ALL interior locales). Sometimes the script actually has to be ALTERED because of weather conditions (Rob Zombie actually had to write in “rain” to “Halloween 2” because of raining during his shoot in Georgia last month)…

“We already have the green light and bonds set up; it will make it to theaters in 3rd quarter 2010 as planned.”

Other tidbits include the fact that, as already known, Milla Jovovich is contractually obligated to do the film.  Jensen Ackles will not be playing Leon and is not a candidate for the movie.  And the fan favorite character of Leon has a reduced role, “almost a cameo” in this movie.