Captain America #600 features Bucky from the "Heroes Reborn" Universe (click to enlarge)

Hard to believe that Onslaught Reborn, by Rob Liefeld and Jeph Loeb, which was a pretty abybsmal series, actually has something to do with the excellent Captain America ongoing series by Ed Brubaker, but it’s true!

At the end of that series, the female Bucky from the “Heroes Reborn” World made it to the regular 616 Marvel Universe.  So, the tagline of the attached image, “Girl Without A World,” makes sense.  Hopefully they’ll do a summary of the events that came before so you don’t actually have to read Onslaught Reborn…yech.

With Steve Rogers set to be Reborn this July, will he return to the mantle of Cap, with this new Bucky at his side?  What does that mean for the old Bucky, who is now the current Cap?  Maybe he’ll become the new Red Hood…er, Skull?  Seems like the whole redemption storyline would be for naught if he went bad – maybe he’ll take up the mantle of Ronin or something.

Thanks to CBR for the image.