Because we’re all sick of that damn “square butts” commercial from Burger King, what would be better than to turn on your TV and see this?

The King Klingon
The King Klingon

So what does your local Burger King have in store for you this month?  Read after the jump to find out!

Though officially it starts Monday, most Burger Kings have already started their big Star Trek promotion, which includes Kid’s Meal Toys, a special kid’s meal food item, a marketing campaign, and, best of all, new Star Trek glasses!

trekglasses1trekglasses2Trek Glasses

The box that the glasses come in
The box that the glasses come in

I think I enjoy glasses more than any other kind of fast food tie-in item.  I mean, toys are fun and all, but the simple fact of the matter is, kid’s meal toys just are not going to be as good as “real” toys, by nature.  But glasses…well, even a crappy movie (Batman Forever) can have some sweet looking glasses.  I picked up the 1st in the new BK Star Trek series (there’s one a week), Kirk, yesterday, and these things are awesome.  They don’t just hand you the glass and send you on your merry way – these glasses all come in individualized boxes that look fantastic.  They really put a lot of effort into these, and it shows.

The Kid’s Meal Toys

There are sixteen toys total (four per week), so that’s a lot of damn Burger King food.  My vote is to wait for someone to post the set on Ebay.  Anyway, I’m not entirely impressed with the toys – they seem to have gone the Star Wars route and done the “super deformed” figures with the small bodies and big heads.  The vehicles are pretty cool, and all of the toys make some kind of noise, be it voices from the film or just gadget/vehicle noises.  The toys are:

  • Kirk
  • Spock
  • Spock Prime
  • McCoy
  • Chekov
  • Sulu
  • Uhura
  • Scotty
  • Communicator
  • Tricorder
  • Enterprise
  • Jellyfish
  • Kelvin
  • Shuttle
  • Warbird
  • Hoverbike
The Star Trek BK Toys
The Star Trek BK Toys

The Meal

Stars and Bolt Shaped Chicken Tenders
Stars and Bolt Shaped Chicken Tenders

While I would have preferred a “Star Trek Burger” or some kind of adult food item, instead we get chicken tenders shaped like stars and bolts.  Again, couldn’t they have done the Federation symbol or something?

Other goodies

Starting Monday, keep an eye on Burger King’s official site for all sorts of Trek goodies.  They’ve also got a couple of commercials coming (like the King Klingon you see above), including one filmed on the movie’s Enterprise set!

Looks like we’ll all be packing on a couple of pounds this month!

Thanks to, the best Trek site on the web, for the pics!

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