The Princess and the Frog
Disney's return to hand-drawn animation.

I’m a big fan of Disney films.  Yes, as much as I love my horror, from time to time, I’ll pop Bolt or Pinocchio into my Blu-Ray player too.  The last hand-drawn theatrical Disney movie was the abysmal Home on the Range, and, since then, they’ve had a relatively spotty record with their CG-animated films.  Supposedly, the thing that hurt Disney so much back then was all those direct-to-video sequels and movies they did – whereas once it was an event to see what the new Disney movie of the year was going to be, it became commonplace to see a new Disney movie every month on the rental shelves.

The Princess and the Frog is Disney’s return to hand-drawn animation.  The original teaser did nothing for me, but this new trailer actually has me pretty interesting.  I think the Voodoo Priest bad guy looks pretty spiffy.  Check out the trailer below!

The Princess and the Frog will be out in theaters this holiday season!