From the Trek ARG Game
From the Trek ARG Game

So, apparently because I’m Captain Oblivious, there’s been a viral Star Trek campaign going on involving all sorts of videos and hints that tie into the movie – read all about it here.

Over the last few weeks there has been an intricate alternative reality game for the new Star Trek which has been keeping a lot of fans busy sorting clues and even visiting real world locations. TrekMovie has lead the way in reporting on the game’s progress each step along the way, but for some casual observers it has been challenging to follow. The game is coming to a close and there have been some recent new clues and so today we now try to put it all together in our guide to ‘the story so far’ with the Star Trek ARG.

What really blew my mind was the end of this article though.  Find out after the jump and prepare to poo yourself.

Clearly, The Chat Gang’s mission is to warn Vulcan of Nero’s attack, hoping to prompt more evacuations before the planet’s destruction. Their tattoos also indicate that they’re from the post-Romulus 24th century, like Nero. One possibility is that this transmission is actually being sent to the future, arriving during the events of the movie.

But I’ve considered another possibility, and was surprised to see other players also have come to the same conclusion.

I noticed that we didn’t actually see a definitive shot of the Narada being destroyed at the end of the movie. What we do see is the Narada slipping into a “lightning storm” black hole, similar to the one the Narada intially came through, encountering the Kelvin. What if Nero and the Narada were not destroyed, but were instead pulled even further back in time — to the present? What if Nero, having failed in the 23rd century, hopes to exact his vengeance on both Earth and Vulcan during a pre-Federation era, when both planets are in no position to defend themselves? This ties in nicely with Kaleh’s comment that there’s no Starfleet to stop Nero. However, it doesn’t fit with part of Nero’s initial motivation: to have Spock witness the destruction of Vulcan since Spock has not gone back to the 21st century (as far as we know).

Likely “Fringe” tie-in
“thecapn” notes something interesting from this week’s episode of JJ Abram’s Fringe, “The Road Not Taken”:

The main characters visited a conspiracy theorist who claimed that the “upcoming war” that the characters have been investigating would be with the Romulans, that they’ve come back in time to attack Earth. He also claimed to be Spock.

What the hell? Does this mean I have to buy season one of Fringe when it comes out on Blu-Ray? Is this why Leonard Nimoy is playing William Bell?