These are not the 100 comics you'll be getting, but here's what 100 comics might look like.
These are not the 100 free comics Rob will be getting, but...ya know...they might look like this.

Who, you might ask?  Who won the coolest prize YET from Ideology of Madness?  Well, the winner is….drum roll please…badadadadadadadadada….

ROB from Bear Swarm Podcast!  Rob gave us a shout out in Episode 56 (Fleshing out NPCs), and now, he’s got 100 free comics coming his way!  Congrats Rob!  You kick much ass!

Check out Rob’s blog here.

Thanks to everyone who entered…and keep spreading the word of IoM!  Just because you haven’t won 100 free comics, doesn’t mean that we don’t do something special to everyone who helps spread the word of IoM!  Trust us…you won’t regret it!