Predator #1
Who will direct PREDATORS?

According to Latino Review, Nimród Antal may be the final contender to take on the director’s role for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez PREDATORS project.  With his upcoming flick Armored due out this September (and with a helluva cast – Laurence Fishburne, Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Amaury Nolasco, and Milo Ventimiglia), and looking mighty good, seems like this rumor may have a bit of truth to it.  Antal’s last film was the thriller well-received Vacancy, with Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, which was much better than it had any right being (despite a crappy ending).

I’m a little bummed that another one of the contenders, Neil Marhsall, doesn’t seem to have been chosen for the project.  I just recently watched Marshall’s Dog Soldiers again (this time on Blu-Ray!), and he has really grown as a filmmaker – after Dog Soldiers, he moved on to the excellent The Descent, and then the kick @$$ Doomsday.  Maybe, if they don’t get Ridley Scott to do that Alien prequel they keep talking about, Marshall might be a pretty good choice for that one!