Blackthorn Asylum, from Nox Arcana
Want it signed?

Yeah, I know…typing things in all CAPS is annoying.  But when the prize is winning something as sweetly awesome as a SIGNED COPY OF NOX ARCANA’S UPCOMING ALBUM BLACKTHORN ASYLUM, sometimes all CAPS is warranted!

If you haven’t checked out our interview with Nox Arcana, your life is sadly incomplete.  Complete yourself here!  Then come back and enter to win a signed copy of the album that Joseph Vargo says is “ominous, creepy and unnerving with brief moments of haunting respite to ease the mounting tension and dread.”  How the hell can you not want that?  A little more about the story of Blackthorn Asylum:

We set Blackthorn Asylum in the 1930s and revisit the dark domain of H.P. Lovecraft. The plot builds upon Lovecraft’s short story “From Beyond” and adds some creepy new twists. Blackthorn is a sanitarium for the criminally insane that is run by a doctor who conducts horrible experiments on his patients in an attempt to extract the physical essence of evil. No one knows what happened, but for some reason the place was shut down and abandoned, and is now believed to be haunted by the tormented souls of the dead. There are also dark rumors that something unnatural was unleashed by the doctor’s diabolical experimentation, and whispers tell of a dark force that dwells in the shadows of the forsaken asylum.

How do you win the awesomeness?  Walk on coals?  Stick needles in your eyes?  None of the above, my dear friends!  All you have to do is email your full name and address to!  Contest ends 6/18/2009!  Winners will be announced 6/19/2009!

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