Get ready for the WINTER'S EVE with Nox Arcana!

Sweet cans of awesomesauce! When we last spoke with Nox Arcana frontman Joseph Vargo right before the release of the super awesome Blackthorn Manor, he had hinted that we’d see another Nox Arcana album before the end of the year, and I must have completely zoned out, because not only is it already available for […]

Buzz Works and Nox Arcana present … ZOMBIE INFLUX!

Once again….HELL TO THE YES! Those awesome dudes from Nox Arcana, who we talked to here, told us about an album they were working on with Jeff “Buzz” Hartz called Zombie Influx, an industrial/techno album inspired by good music to listen to while zombies’re munchin’ on your guts! Nox Arcana have collaborated with Jeff Hartz […]


Yeah, I know…typing things in all CAPS is annoying.  But when the prize is winning something as sweetly awesome as a SIGNED COPY OF NOX ARCANA’S UPCOMING ALBUM BLACKTHORN ASYLUM, sometimes all CAPS is warranted! If you haven’t checked out our interview with Nox Arcana, your life is sadly incomplete.  Complete yourself here!  Then come […]

Interview with Nox Arcana's Joseph Vargo!

There’s no better mood music for people like me, who like the spooky, than the TEN albums released by the awesome Nox Arcana.  Consisting of two guys, Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, the band has been together less than five years, and in that short time, have managed to become THE definitive creators of spooky […]

Hell to the yes! New Nox Arcana!

I came across the band Nox Arcana on something like their ninth studio album, Grimm Tales.  Don’t know who Nox Arcana is?  Have you ever been to a Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights or a Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream (or whatever your area does for Pauloween) and wondered what that cool, creepy music is they have […]