Run! It's that burping ghost chick!

Heh.  Not quite as dirty as I wanted it to sound, but it works.

Coming this October exclusively to the Nintendo Wii is Ju-On: The Grudge, a game described as a “haunted house simulator,” based on the theme and the world of Takashi Shimuzu’s movie series of the same name.  Apparently Shimuzu has been very involved in the game, acting as a “consultant and general overseer.” (read: he collected a check)

According to this very good and detailed article on Bloody-Disgusting,

Control-wise, the gameplay takes advantage of the Wii control system. It’s super simple,” says Soga. “You just use the Wii remote as a flashlight and you just wander around using the “B” button to move forward.” Since the flashlight is the basis of the control scheme, the entire game takes place at night and in dark areas. The battery in your flashlight has a meter and when it runs out, you’re a goner.

Your job as the player is to survive the curse and get the hell away from it. “It’s not a chainsaw, shotgun-using haunted house-type thing. It’s a haunted house simulator. It’s like going to a theme park Halloween horror night. You cannot fight them. Just like in the movie, it’s not something you can swing a bat at and knock down. It’s all about trying to figure out what’s going on, run away and survive.

Sounds A LOT like the recently released downloadable Wii game Lit, which also incorporates a control scheme based around a flashlight.  Still, could be fun.  I find it funny that people keep saying “the game looks great despite the Wii’s limitations.”  If all the games look that good, than technically these ARE the Wii’s limitations, don’t you think?

Read the full article here.