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Does it suck? We'll find out this August!

SlashFilm recently posted a review of the infamous recent test screening of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.  Click the link for the full review, but here’s the jist:

As far as Sommers’ being shit-canned, I wouldn’t be surprised after seeing the rough cut; it’s not exactly on par with the Paramount/summer blockbuster standard established with Iron Man, Transformers, and Star Trek. Quite frankly, I’d be embarrassed to have Transformers 2 be released, G.I. Joe two weeks later, and both with the Paramount Mountain opening up the credits. I hope you find something interesting to pull out of this, I don’t exactly write reviews and tried not to spoil too much…

When the picture ended, there wasn’t really any chatter about the movie. We were given surveys questioning the film in great detail but most people just flew through them and left. It was a so-so experience from the audience perspective. There wasn’t much excitement from the audience afterward.”

The recent news of Stephen Sommers firing was probably merely conjecture on the part of a fan who hated the movie.  There may be some truth behind Paramount’s unhappiness, given the relatively forgiving nature of the reviewer, who still gave it a negative overall review.

No matter what, I’ll be in theaters this August to check out Rise of Cobra and you can guarantee I’ll let you know my thoughts!