This one's for the ladies.
This one's for the ladies.

Apparently, it was almost most meant to be, according to this article at HissTank.  Before Channing Tatum was cast as Duke in Stephen Sommers upcoming G.I. Joe (read our script review…oh wait, you can’t!  Darn Paramount.), Jared Padalecki was considered for the role.  Thankfully, he turned it down for Supernatural, because he knew that G.I. Joe was probably going to suck.  Kidding…it was totally because of Supernatural commitments.

The source, an artcle at the Sunday Mercury website, is actually a recap of a recent Winchester Bros. appearance at a sold-out Supernatural Convention in Birmingham, where Padelecki and co-star Jensen Ackles go on to talk once again about the potential for a sixth season of Supernatural, and the fact that Padalecki hopes they die at the end.  Of course, everyone hopes to die at the end of the story – Edward James Olmos hoped the same for Battlestar Galactica, and even Daniel Radcliffe, prior to the release of the seventh Harry Potter book, was hoping for Harry to bite it.  So…don’t hold your breath for a sad ending.

What Would Jared Padalecki Do?

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