Trick R Treat

Those awesome, awesome dudes at Fangoria have even more Trick R Treat news for us today!  Looks like the DVD will be out just in time for Halloween, with “a standard-edition DVD which will pretty much just have the movie, and then the Blu-ray disc will have all the special features, ’cause that’s the way things are moving these days. There will be a documentary, the animated short film, SEASON’S GREETINGS, that kind of inspired the feature, deleted scenes, outtakes, all sorts of fun. And there will be a few different audio commentaries that are still in the works; I don’t know exactly who’ll be on them yet, but definitely me and hopefully some of the cast,” according to writer/director Michael Dougherty, who totally needs to hold a screening in Virginia – you guys would buy tickets, right?

Dougherty goes on to say that his next film is an animated project that “involves big monsters.”  Let’s pray it’s better than the cinematic equivalent of a wire hanger abortion that was Monsters vs. Aliens.  I kid … it wasn’t that bad.

Anyway…check out the original animated short Season’s Greetings that inspired the movie Trick R Treat below!

One thought on “Zoinks! Even more Trick R Treat Goodness!

  1. Screw dvd in October,if this movie is even close to be as good as everyone who has seen it claims it is,this movie should be released nationwide at the theaters.I think there are a lot of people out there burned out on that piece of crap Saw franchise that would love to have something else out at the theaters to watch rather than Saw 200.
    That being said,glad to see it finally coming out.Maybe if you were to have an interview with the director you could possibly try to talk him into have a screening in Va!!

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