Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Roadshow 2009!

When I interviewed Full Moon Studios creator Charles Band back in April (read it here), he told me that, due to his goal of getting a movie out once a month for the rest of the year, that he probably would not be doing his awesome and popular FULL MOON HORROR ROADSHOW in 2009.  If you haven’t attended one of these events, you’re totally missing out.  Even if you’re not a fan, or don’t know much about Full Moon Studios movies (and seriously, who hasn’t at least seen Puppet Master or Pit and the Pendulum), there’s a ton to like here for anyone who just enjoys fun movies and horror films.  When I went to the Full Moon Roadshow in Charlotte last year, there was much talk of Evil Bongs and Poon-Tang tribes, naked women in cages, Monster bras, and Gary Busey.  We had a blast (and they serve liquor :-)).

This year, Ideology of Madness (namely me) will definitely be attending the October 17th date in Richmond, VA (assuming that the dates on that calendar stick – you know things are subject to change), and man…we’ve got some great ideas for you guys!  We will definitely be giving away some tickets for the event and anyone attending the event in an Ideology of Madness t-shirt (didn’t know we had t-shirts?  Click here!) will get a free movie of their choosing !  How cool is that?

For more Full Moon goodness, check out the videos below!  We’ve got some more information from Band on the Roadshow, and the trailer for the upcoming movie SKULL HEADS!!!

Skull Heads Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

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