2010_KingKongReturns_300So, according to this article at Screamscape, and this one at Ain’t It Cool News, King Kong will be returning in a BIG way to Universal Studios Hollywood.  If you’ll remember correctly, the original Kong ride was lost in a fire, but it seems like the plans for a replacement are even cooler, and involve none other than Peter Jackson!

…the tram will slide into a dark room which will suddenly thrust the riders in the middle of the action by surrounding the tram on all sides with 8 projectors and an army of 4D effects that will blast you with sound, wind, fire, foul smells and dino slobber.

No official word on when the ride will be ready, but I’m already anxiously awaiting it!  I haven’t been to USH since I was a wee Paul, but it sure would be great to have an excuse to go!