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So…why would you scour the internet, trying to find all the crap going on at San Diego Comic Con, when you can get all the links from one place?  That place being us, of course!  We did the digging and have all the goodies below!  So as not to steal to honor the people actually doing the work, we’re going to link to their original stories.  We ain’t bastards.  I ain’t, anyway.

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This is almost like the end of holiday season, isn’t it?  The news slowed down a bit today, the final day of SDCC, but there was still plenty of news to be had.  Keep refreshing for the latest goodies!

Top Cow (Newsarama): In addition to the announcement of Ryuhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train) as the director of Magdalena, Top Cow had plenty to discuss today, including a new The Magdalena series by Ron Marz with Ryan Sook on covers; a potential Aphrodite IX movie; a sequel to The Darkness video game; Tracker, a new werewolf TV series from Heroes and Villains Entertainment; and, jeez, a lot more.

Smallville (Newsarama): Geoff Johns will be introducing the JSA in an episode of the upcoming ninth season.  In addition, there will be a Superman costume in the season premiere.

Wildstorm (Newsarama): The Planetary will finally be ending in October.  In addition, Wildstorm has a lot of upcoming licensed properties.

Artifacts (Newsarama): Next summer’s big blockbuster event for Top Cow is entitled Artifacts, and will be 13-issues long.

Angel (Newsarama): In addition to yesterday’s announcement about Angel, they’ve announced new series for both Spike and Ilyria.

Solomon Kane

Boom (Newsarama): Tons of licensed properties, including a 28 Days Later monthly, and Farscape!

Jericho (CBR): Devil’s Due will be producing a comic book, following the events of the TV series.

Scott Pilgrim (CBR): Scott Pilgrim, the video game?  It’s true.

Image Comics (CBR): Jim Lee doing work for Image Comics?  It’s true – he’s doing the cover for Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem TPB.  More Frank Frazetta comics, and some kick-@$$ new Robert Kirkman stuff.

Heroes (SuperheroHype): The Heroes cast and crew are seeking redemption.  Again.

Supernatural (DreadCentral): Rachel Miner will be joining in season five, and apparently there will be an episode set five year in the future that they’re calling their 28 Days Later episode.

Zach Snyder (SyFy): More 300, and some news on Snyder’s next flick, Sucker Punch.

Edward James Olmos is cool…and crazy (SyFy): Olmos seems to think that Battlestar Galactica is really a prequel to Blade Runner.

Sanctuary (SyFy): The second season starts in October, and they’ve got a ton of cool stuff planned.

NECROSHA, the upcoming X-Crossover

X-Men (IGN): The dead will rise!  This time for Marvel.

World War Hulks (IGN): Some more info and preview art for the upcoming big event by Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak.

Gears of War (IGN): It’ll be a while before we see the Len Wiseman movie.

The Simpsons (IGN): Seth Rogen will be a guest star in the premiere episode.

Futurama (IGN): News on the upcoming return of Futurama…but no one knows is the voice actors are coming back or not.  Pay them what they want Fox!

Family Guy (IGN): For the Return of the Jedi parody episode, expect characters from Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad!

Solomon Kane (IGN): More great news about this film adaptation that I can’t wait to see!

Resident Evil (IGN): With Wesker officially dead, it looks like the next entry in the series will either be a complete reboot, or something very different.