Okay, in retrospect ... why did we see this movie?

Old rumors are new again, it seems, as the Wachowskis, who were once rumored to be on board the Superman franchise before Bryan Singer did Superman Returns, are now being mentioned as the guys who may be responsible for getting a Superman movie started by 2011, a demand of the recent court case ruling I talked about here.

Current word, according to IESB, is that the team responsible for the upcoming excellent looking movie Ninja Assassin (Wachowskis producting, James McTeigue directing) might be looking to follow up that film with ol’ Supes, which I think could very well be a great idea.  I know the Wachowskis get a lot of flack for the Matrix sequels (which did suck) and for Speed Racer (which I enjoyed), but they still have a lot of pull at Warner Bros, and I think they could potentially pull off a good Superman film.

What say you?