Artwork by William Basso
Artwork by William Basso

Reading this month’s issue of Rue Morgue, I came across an article about an upcoming book entitled October Shadows: A Celebration of Halloween in Art.  Apparently, each Fall, there’s an art show exhibiting art that pays homage to the traditions of Halloween – the stuff that reminded us of Halloween as kids, like pumpkins, witches, vampires, etc.

In recent years, we have taken Halloween and made it more adult.  Movies are getting darker and scarier, Halloween events are getting gorier and less fun.  But, ultimately, what made us love Halloween in the first place is just how fun it was, and the imagery present in the art show (see some pics at the official site) are reminiscent of the fun side of Halloween.  A little creepy, but a lot of fun.  And the iconography of the Jack-o-Lantern?  Better than that stupid other holiday with the jolly red fat man!

This fall, October Shadows: A Celebration of Halloween in Art will be making its debut in art book form, so you have a nice little centerpiece for your coffee table.  The book features art from Rick Baker, William Stout, Dan Bereton, Gris Grimly, Michael Dougherty…the list goes on and on, but do you really need any other excuse?  Pre-orders begin on July 15th!

Check out the official site for more info!

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