Resident Evil returns in September, 2010!

Matt’s Update: Greg Stechman, who is now co-producer and development executive on the film, seems to have been correct in saying to IoM previously that the movie will film by the end of the year.  Stechman says they are closing in picking a director for the new installment in the successful Resident Evil film franchise.  Despite what is written in the original article, “Afterlife” will not be the title.  Hopefully Stechman will have the sense to include Jensen Ackles in this movie.

According to Shock Till You Drop, we’ll be getting a new Resident Evil flick, this one titled Afterlife (wasn’t that the original title for either part two or three) on September 17, 2010.

That’s really not a very far out date, and the Resident Evil flicks are typically pretty special effects intensive.  My hope is that they would bring back Russel Mulcahy.  His Resident Evil: Extinction proved that the man still has directing chops, despite the fact that the film didn’t quite feel like Resident Evil.  Still, the games haven’t for a while either.

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