sdcomiconSo…why would you scour the internet, trying to find all the crap going on at San Diego Comic Con, when you can get all the links from one place?  That place being us, of course!  We did the digging and have all the goodies below!  So as not to steal to honor the people actually doing the work, we’re going to link to their original stories.  We ain’t bastards.  I ain’t, anyway.


Jesus Christ (Ideology of Madness): I’m exhausted.

CCI Pictures (Superhero Hype): Click here for all sorts of cool photos from the con floor.

Halo (Newsarama): Looks like the Halo Universe will finally be going multimedia with Halo: Legends, an anime series set in-contintuity that will expand on the game’s storyline.

The Cabin in the Woods (Dread Central): Teaser posters for the upcoming Joss Whedon horror movie have premiered.  They’re funny, so I guess we’re not getting a serious horror film here.

Sorority Row (Dread Central): Hot chicks and “brutal” violence.  Sign me up.

Umbrella Academy (CBR): Looks like the third mini series will be entitled Hotel Oblivion, so I need to get off my duff and read the second one finally.

Archie (Newsarama): Archie is going digital!  In addition to finally marrying the brunette, you’ll be able to get Archie comics online via digital subscription…just like Playboy.

JSA: All-Stars

IDW (CBR): With an eye on producing further issues, IDW has picked up the rights to publish J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl, both in paper form and for the iPhone.  Sadly, it seems like Campbell will still only be doing covers.  In addition, starting in January 2010, we’ll be getting a six-issue adaptation of the recent Star Trek flick, which includes scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.  Maybe we’ll see that Kirk scene?  And Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing a comic book.  Seriously.

JSA: All-Stars (Newsarama): In addition to the monthly JSA book, we’re also looking at a new monthly, JSA: All-Stars, from Sturges and Williams.

Avatar (Newsarama): On August 21, people will be able to view the first 15 minutes of Avatar for free on IMAX and 3D-capable screens across the nation.  I really hope this one is worth the wait.

Smallville (AICN): Looks like Smallville’s ninth season opener, titled “Superman,” will have a Superman costume, sans cape.  Fina-f*ckin-ly.

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Tron Legacy and Roger Rabbit 2 (AICN): So…Tron 2 is now called Tron Legacy, and yet I’m still not interested.  No confirmation or denial on Roger Rabbit 2, but they did seem to say that, were it to happen, they’d stick with 2-D animation instead of going the CG route.  Whew.

Shrapnel (AICN): Based on a comic I haven’t read from a comic company who’s comics I can’t find anywhere, Radical Comics’ Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising is set to come to big screens, directed by Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld helmer Len Wiseman.  Apparently, the story involves a Solar Alliance (er…Empire) that governs planets and Venus, the last rebel alliance…er, rebellious holdout who fights back.  I kid, I kid.  Besides, I like Len Wiseman.  He has sex with Kate Beckinsale.

Superman: Two Worlds (Newsarama): Later this year, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the greatest Superman team almost ever, will be redefining Superman’s origin in a series called, what else, Secret Origin.  Meanwhile, there will be a large Superman crossover, entitled Codename Patriot, that follows the shocking ending of the most recent issue of World of New Krypton.

Geoff Johns (Newsarama): Announced Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Blackest Night: The Flash, which will be written by him with art by Scott Kollins, and will be a direct follow-up to their Rogue’s Revenge miniseries done for Final Crisis. (Update: There will be other rings, like the Black Lantern ring recently given away for Blackest Night #1)

Jeff’s Smith Bone (Ideology of Madness): A new series of graphic novels, written by Tom Sniegoski and illustrated by Jeff Smith, is due out starting next Fall.  Meanwhile, I’m already ready to camp out at Barnes and Noble.

Captain America/Black Panther (Newsarama): Written by Reginald Hudlin with artist Denys Cowan, this mini follows the titular heroes during a team up in WWII.

Amazing Spider-Man #607
Amazing Spider-Man #607

Marvel (Newsarama): Joe Kelly will be returning to writing Deadpool in Amazing Spider-Man #611.  There’s going to be a Black Widow mini series called Deadly Origin, by Paul Cornell and Rom Raney.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Newsarama): As it looks, Marvel has released a pretty sweet looking list of playable characters for the upcoming sequel, including Phoenix and Gambit.

Twilight: New Moon (Dread Central): Who gives a sh*t?

The Final Destination (Dread Central): Supposedly the final entry in the franchise because “they can’t top this one,” the opening car crash is sounding pretty frickin’ great.

Saw VI (Dread Central): The first official clip is out and it looks like…Saw!

Jonah Hex (Superhero Hype): The official poster was premiered at SDCC and is pretty.

Brandon Routh stars in DEAD OF NIGHT
Brandon Routh stars in DEAD OF NIGHT

Dead of Night (Shock Till You Drop): From Kevin Munroe (the CG TMNT movie), the poster and first footage of the adaptation of Italy’s Dylan Dog comics is out, and is getting positive feedback.  Will it be good?  I dunno … it’s got Superman in it.  So probably not.

Green Hornet (Superhero Hype): Seth Rogen, who doesn’t look like the Green Hornet, is playing the Green Hornet, and showed off the Black Beauty (GH’s car) at SDCC.  If Jonah Hill plays Kato, expect me to boycott.

Kate Beckinsale is hot (Superhero Hype): And is in a movie called Whiteout, which has a new trailer.  It has the guy who played The Spirit in it too.  But Kate Beckinsale is in it too.

Dark Shadows (Shock Till You Drop): Finally, Tim Burton will be doing his Dark Shadows film.  Johnny Depp will probably play Barnabas Collins, as long as he isn’t too busy filming a million other films.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (Superhero Hype): Speaking of Johnny Depp, this film looks to start filming in Spring of 2010.  Not sure who’s directing it since Verbinski dropped out.  But he’ll probably be back.

Stan Lee’s Time Jumper (Newsarama): A digital motion comic from Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Disney Home Entertainment, this series will be coming to iTunes on July 24th.  Wait…that’s tomorrow!

Gamer (Fangoria): Some NSFW footage has been released from Gerard Butler-starrer, due out September 4th.  Looks hella good.

Nightmare on Elm Street (Fangoria): A better look at the new Freddy Krueger is easier to find than expected.  Just mess with the brightness on the released promotional image.

Alice in Wonderland (Joe and YouTube): Looks weird.  But it did make me buy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on HD-DVD.  UPDATE: Some cool props from the movie via AICN.

G.I. Joe (HISSTank): Tons of toy news from the SDCC panel, and some news on the video game (including an appearance by Kamakura?).

Trick R Treat (Twitter): Those lucky bastards get to see this movie tonight at 9:30.  Paul is sad.

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