Batman and Superman look for Aquaman.

I’ve had a thoroughly exhausting week complete with early mornings, long days, and late nights at the office.  Lots of things popping all at once.  A little stressful, I must say. It’s put me in a rather dark mood.

I am so aching for the weekend, for time to relax, catch my breath, and drink an obscene amount of scotch.

On the way home from work last night, I stopped to pick up Thai food for The Wife and I (pan seared noodles and beef for me, massamam curry with chicken for her).  When I arrived I found these two guys checking out the aquarium.  The World’s Finest, right there at my Thai place.

Their eyes were wide with wonder, they stood before the tank pointing at fish.

Superman and Batman, two busy guys to be sure, and they found time to relax and admire something so simple as the Puffers.  I smiled, the week’s tension ebbing.  Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, here at my Thai place.

Gathering up my to-go order, I stopped by a table where a man sat feeding his baby.

“Those your boys?” I asked pointing to the two caped fellas.

Concern appeared on his face as if fearing that they’d done something wrong.  “Yeah.”

“I love the capes,” I said.  “Thanks for letting them be kids.  Made my week.”

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