Meet your new Justice League

So…why would you scour the internet, trying to find all the crap going on at San Diego Comic Con, when you can get all the links from one place?  That place being us, of course!  We did the digging and have all the goodies below!  So as not to steal to honor the people actually doing the work, we’re going to link to their original stories.  We ain’t bastards.  I ain’t, anyway.

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As we roll into the weekend, the news is coming in hot and heavy!  So what’s happening today?  Keep refreshing for the latest goodies!

Angel (CBR): Yes, folks, Bill Willingham is writing the Angel series for IDW.  Hell to the yes!

Blackest Night (Newsarama): Cyborg Superman returns in the pages of Green Lantern later this year.  And White Lanterns?  Maybe.

Zachary Quinto (CBR): Following the lead of his Heroes castmate Milo Ventimiglia, Zachary Quinto will be producing comics for Archaia Studios, starting with a graphic novel called Mr. Murder is Dead.

Jonah Hex (CBR): Josh Brolin is the man.

Darkness/Darkchylde (CBR): Randy Queen is a great artist, and he’s working on a Darkness/Darkchylde crossover that looks suitably kick @$$!

Vertigo (Newsarama): The Unwritten #4 is supposedly a “total bloodbath.”  Look for a ton of new titles coming from Vertigo later in the year.

Aspen Comics (Comics Continuum): Sh*t, I’m going to be broke.  Scourge, a title starring an invasion of gargoyles?  Must.  Buy.

Justice League of America (Newsarama): The new line-up for the James Robinson JLA includes Mon-El (wearing a Superman S), Dick Grayson Batman, Donna Troy, Congorilla, and Hal Jordan.  Sign me up.  What a kick @$$ team!

The Flash (Newsarama): After Geoff Johns wraps up Blackest Night: The Flash, he’ll be writing a new Flash ongoing, with Sterling Gates writing a new ongoing Kid Flash.  Johns plans to to do for the Flash what he did for Green Lantern, working closely with Gates like he does with Tomasi for GL Corps.

Titans (Newsarama): Deathstroke the Terminator will be leading the team.  With half of them moving on to JLA, I wonder who’ll be left for this team?

Teen Titans (Newsarama): Young Justice/Teen Titans members Bart, Conner, Tim and Cassie will be in the first arc of Adventure Comics.  In addition, Felicia D. Henderson is the new writer on Teen Titans.

World War Hulks

World War Hulks (CBR): Yes, there is a new crossover coming, that will feature all the new/old Hulks battling it out.  The story starts in World War Hulks: Gamma, by Jeph Loeb and John Romita, Jr.

Deathlok (CBR): Yup, he’s back.  Courtesy of writer Charlie Huston.

Haunt (CBR): With Robert Kirkman on story, and Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo, and Todd McFarlane on art, this will definitely be a title to watch.

Dark Reign (CBR): Tons of Dark Reign news, including a Dark X-Men ongoing.

Lost (ComingSoon): Instead of time travelling, we might see dimension hopping in the upcoming season?

The Fabulous Killjoys (Newsarama): Two titles from Gerard Way from Dark Horse?  A Goon movie?  Tons of Joss Whedon news?  Yes, Dark Horse has been very busy.

Star Trek (IO9): Star Trek’s sequel looks to be planned to end on a cliffhanger.  So we’re looking at two more movies, at least, hopefully!

Chuck (The Hollywood Reporter): Sounds like the whole “Chuck-Fu” angle will involve a glitch that makes them only temporary.  And Captain Awesome will be pulled into missions more.  Chuck!

Clone Wars (The Hollywood Reporter): More violence, sex and dismemberment?  Yes please.