sdcomiconSo…why would you scour the internet, trying to find all the crap going on at San Diego Comic Con, when you can get all the links from one place?  That place being us, of course!  We did the digging and have all the goodies below!  So as not to steal to honor the people actually doing the work, we’re going to link to their original stories.  We ain’t bastards.  I ain’t, anyway.

For day one, click here.

Comicon kicked into full gear today, day two of the huge event.  Expect even more Hollywood-related news over the weekend!  But what’s happening today?  Keep refreshing for the latest goodies!

Killjoys (CBR): Gerard Way looks to be writing a second comic book for Dark Horse, illustrated by Becky Cloonan, due in 2010.

Eisner Awards (CBR): Some pretty cool wins, including Tiny Titans.

Star Trek (TrekMovie): Some pretty sweet images of the new DVD/Blu-Ray box sets.  Me wantee.

Prince of Persia (Newsarama): Todd McFarlane is providing the cover to an anthology prequel graphic novel set before the events of the upcoming movie.

24 (Newsarama): Big changes in store for Kiefer and his band of merry misfits.

Legion (ShockTillYouDrop): Want to see a bad@$$ poster?  Sure you do.  And it sounds like sequels are already being discussed!

Kick-@$$ (SuperheroHype): Check out the description of the footage shown at ComicCon.

Red Dawn (ComingSoon): Kurt Russel is in talks to appear in he remake, alongside Kirk’s dad from the new Star Trek flick.

Toy Story 3 (ComingSoon): Michael Keaton will be voicing Ken (as in Barbie and Ken) in Toy Story 3.  He should instead be playing a Batman toy.  Just sayin.

Battlestar Galactica (AICN): More Galactica TV movies?  Edward James Olmos seems to think so.

Dollhouse (AICN): Alexis Denisof (Wesley from Angel) will finally be seen again in season two of Dollhouse.  Man, I’ve missed this guy!

Vertigo Comics (CBR): Lots of good news for Fables fans, and some cool info on The Unwritten.

Star Wars in Concert (Newsarama): Coming soon to a city near you!

Batman: Brave and the Bold (Newsarama): There will be a musical episode, with Neil Patrick Harris!

Spider-Man Digital (Newsarama): There will be an in-continuity Spider-Man digital title, written by Bob Gale.  Not sure about this one.

Marvel (Newsarama): December sees World War Hulks, and apparently Bruce Banner can’t become the Hulk anymore.  Man…beating a dead horse much?  Oh, and there will be a Red She-Hulk (CBR).  Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas was mentioned, but will probably never be finished, which is a bummer because I love that series.

DC Comics (Newsarama): Mon-El will be getting a new costume.  An Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth is due out soon.  Save up your money, then buy it for way cheaper on Amazon.

Marvelman (Newsarama): Belongs to Marvel.  Am I supposed to care?

Image Comics (Newsarama): Issue 25 of Astonishing Wolf-Man is the final issue.  That kinda sucks.

Marvel Animation (Newsarama): Looks like ANOTHER Fantastic Four animated series will premiere on Nicktoons next fall.  The next Marvel Animated Movie will be Planet Hulk – that should be pretty cool.

Solomon Kane (Fangoria): Impressive first pic and teaser poster have been released.  I’m psyched for this one.

The Hills Run Red (ShockTillYouDrop): Check out the official trailer for the upcoming horror flick.  Holy crap this looks good.

Nightmare on Elm St (ShockTillYouDrop): Check out a description of the teaser for the new film.  Sounds good! (Update: Watch the panel now at Dread Central)

Smallville (SuperheroHype): Tom Welling will be popping into the Smallville panel on Sunday, further fueling yesterday’s speculation that he’ll be in a Superman costume in season 9.

Dexter (Fangoria): An extended preview is now available for season 4.

Bone (Boneville): Preview art from the upcoming books is available on the official site.  Some more info is available as well.  I have begun drooling already.  Love love love Bone.  Sadly, Quest for the Spark isn’t a comic book, but an actual novel.

X-Men (Newsarama): Daniel Acuna is now the ongoing artist for X-Men Legacy.  Magneto is back (guess he left?) in a storyline called Nation XNecrosha is a crossover involving the return of dead X-characters.  I am still largely uninterested.  More on Necrosha at CBR.

Warner Bros (Newsarama): The Book of Eli looks kick@$$.  It’s about time Denzel got back into genre entertainment.  Apparently there will be a motion comic (with art by Tommy Lee Edwards) prequel to the movie.  Mila Kunis is in it.  She’s in my five.  Gary Oldman claims another Batman movie will be shooting next year.

Alien vs. Predator (CBR): Three World War is the name of the upcoming AvP mini-series from Dark Horse, which will apparently tie into events going on in both titles currently.  Also revealed during the panel were plans for a third AvP movie.  Ugh.

Image United (CBR): Written by Robert Kirkman with art by six Image founders, this looks to be a pretty fun book, if a bit odd looking.

Detective Comics/Batwoman (Newsarama): Greg Rucka announced that after seven issues with Williams, Jock (The Losers) will come on board for three issues. Following that, the Question backups will move to the front of the book for a time, with either Williams or Jock drawing a 10-page Batwoman Second Feature. Then Williams (and Kate Kane) will come back to the front of the book.

Assassin’s Creed (Newsarama): A live-action prequel to Assassin’s Creed 2?  Could be pretty sweet.