After sending out a couple of prize packages earlier this week, I realized that, “dang.  We don’t have any contests going on right now, do we?”  So, if you’ve heard this week’s podcast, you’ll know we started up a new contest to win a grab bag of comics that are perfect for people either getting in to comics after a long absence, those new to comics, or just those looking for some different reads!  What do you get?  Hmm…the prize is still being put together, but already there’s …

  • A Vertigo Crime Sampler, including a copy of 100 Bullets #1
  • A copy of Batman #608, the first issue of the highly acclaimed Hush storyline.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #600, the big anniversary issue clocking in at 100 pages
  • The first issue of Vertigo Comics’ Greek Street, a modern take on greek tragedies
  • Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 from Top Cow/Image Comics
  • Blackest Night #0, from DC Comics – the introduction to Green Lanterns and the new summer crossover
  • A Black Lantern ring from DC Comics
  • Rasl Trade Paperback, collecting the first three issues of the series with bonus pages

And that’s not all!  There’s going to be quite a bit more – so if you want to enter, check out our podcast right here (or clicking the image below) and listen for details!