The Apocalypse is finally here (for those of us who were anxiously awaiting it) on television’s Supernatural and the sh*t has officially hit the fan.  Old friends are back, new friends are made, and the world is going topsy-turvy.

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers, this week’s episode of Supernatural involved Sam and Dean trying to save their friends (I won’t say who) in a town full taken over by demons as part of the ongoing Apocalypse.  An overall solid episode (about as strong as last week’s, really), tensions are flaring high because of recent events and a very emotional ending sets up for an interesting storyline in the next couple of episodes.

So let’s talk about the newest episode, “Good God Y’all”, and hopefully have plenty of talkback so you guys can tell us what you thought of the episode!

Spoiler-filled discussion after the jump!

Before that, though, am I the only one who’s sad that Katie Cassidy’s hotness is being wasted on Melrose Place instead of here on Supernatural?  Just sayin’.

supernaturalsaturdayspngThough the episode was a strong one, this season of Supernatural is definitely taking a cue from some other popular serialized shows, and is delving full on into mythology episodes regularly, rather than the “monster of the week” formula.  Quick summary?  From Wikipedia:

Bobby is still in the hospital and is quite bitter about being in a wheelchair. When Castiel arrives, Bobby orders him to heal him, but Castiel says he’s been cut off from Heaven. He tells Dean that he wants to find God, the only one who can defeat Lucifer. Castiel borrows Dean’s pendant, beacuse he says it will glow when in the presence of the creator. They get a frantic call from Bobby’s hunter friend Rufus. Apparently demons are attacking the town. Sam and Dean go to the town and can’t find Rufus but instead find Ellen Harvelle. She and Jo have been hunting together and Jo is now lost too, along with Rufus. When they do find Jo and Rufus, they think they are demons, and vice versa. The so-called “demons” are not demons at all, but hallucinations brought about by War, one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. Sam and Dean hunt him down and cut off his ring finger, because his ring could control the hallucinations. Sam tells Dean he thinks that they should go their separate ways, and so they do.

Yup, we get to meet the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and, gladly, the storyline for them seems like it’ll last a little longer than it did for the Seven Deadly Sins.  War is suitably sleazy – I really enjoyed his portrayal in the episode.  Of course, it would be cool if the demons looked like big ass demons, like they used to back in Angel.  But, ya know, that’s not the way this show’s mythology works.

It was nice to see an episode that actually felt like the Apocalypse, even if it was on a smaller budget.  I mean, I understand the show can’t afford a big timey Apocalypse, and if this is the best we can get, than I’m cool with it.  Plus, it’s always nice to see Creighton Duke again (don’t get the reference?  look it up).  The return of Ellen and Jo was nice – it feels like the show really is pulling out all the stops by getting characters from seasons past to return for their chance in the spotlight.

Of course, the big thing is the end of the episode, where Sam and Dean break up…again.  Since we’ve seen this like a million times before, I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll stick.

It’s a bit funny that, as a fan of angels in different media, I see similarities in this season to a lot of stuff I’ve seen before.  In this season, I’m seeing strong influences from Dogma and even, to a certain extent, Preacher.  Of course, if you’re going to borrow, borrow from the best, right?

One thing I’m looking forward to is next week’s Castiel/Dean team-up.  If his popularity is any proof, Castiel is a big hit with fans, and with this IoM-writer.  He really does kind of kick ass.  And Sam?  Yeah, he sleeps with chicks, as Sam is wont to do.

And…is it just me, or is Dean being a dick?  I mean, he’s not trusting Sam for getting addicted to blood and breaking the final seal, right?  Let’s not forget that Dean TORTURED PEOPLE IN HELL AND BROKE THE FIRST SEAL!  Umm…am I right?  Pot calling the kettle black?

What did you guys think?