Supernatural: The Anime?

Yeah, I’m not just joshin’ ya.  It’s real – the news is here. “Supernatural The Animation turns out to be much bigger than previously thought. This morning, ANN reports that Madhouse, the acclaimed anime studio behind Death Note, Paprika and segments of Batman: Gotham Knight, is producing 22 episodes that cover the first two seasons […]

Supernatural Saturday: Swan Song

I know it’s not Saturday, but, as long time readers will remember, we did actually have a column called Supernatural Saturdays for a little while! Last night, the fifth season finale of Supernatural aired and as reports have stated, for all intents and purposes, was originally written in mind as a series finale, until the […]

Supernatural Saturdays: Catch up!

So, while I was on “on assignment” in Florida (that’s the IoM word for “vacation”), I missed not one, but TWO episodes of television’s best show, Supernatural! So you get Supernatural Saturday on Thursday (in time for tonight’s new episode!).  Both “Free to be You and Me” and “The End” were mythology-centric episodes of the […]