The Empusans are a race of insects resembling large Portuguese Praying Mantis’. Very large. Like ten feet large.

The Empusans are an old race, their history ranging back more than a hundred millenia. By contrast, they are incredibly short-lived living for only ten to fifteen years before succumbing to old age.

They have no interest in pursuing longevity science as the humans have, yet they are a race of scientists. Their technology is centuries beyond what other Imperial cultures have developed. Their science, their technology is overwhelming.

More than one historian has observed that it is indeed fortunate that Empusa science has never been interested in tactical applications. It is difficult to imagine how even the mighty Imperial fleet could have withstood a war machine powered by Empusan design.

The Empusae are a peaceful people. They are not pacifists by any stretch or cowards, they simply see no point in warfare. It has been many thousands of years since war was waged on the Empusan homeworld.

In those days, the Empusae fought amongst themselves, against other genetic lines. They were bloody wars and did not stop until one line remained. Since then, they have known peace.

One shouldn’t confuse their disinclination to combat as cowardice or weakness. The Empusa will fight when provided no other choice. It would just rather be doing something else.

They are meticulous record keepers, their written histories date back to the early days of the race.

In a room full of aliens, the Empusan is invariably the smartest one in attendance. As such, they tend to insufferable smugness. These damned bugs are hard to like. It doesn’t help that their insectile nature is instinctually disconcerting to almost all of the other Imperial races.

The Ambriidans alone are immune to the Empusan’s “creep factor.”

An unsettling trait of the Empusans is there fondness for the consumption of brains.  Among their own, it is traditional to eat the brains of family members at their death. In doing so, memories and experiences are transferred from the deceased to the diner.

This practice also works with non-Empusans, but to a lesser extent. For instance, the brain of an alien must be consumed within moments of death – otherwise the knowledge will be lost. Also, the knowledge that is absorbed from non-Empusans is rarely complete. Often, only a few pieces of information are extracted and they are not always pertinent to the situation.

It is not unheard of for the personality of the consumed brain to temporarily overtake the Empusan.

The Imperial Navy is rumored to utilize Empusan interrogators from time-to-time.